evolt 360

The World's First Intelligent Bioscan

Scan Your Body in 60 Seconds with Evolt360 at Parkes Fitness 4 All

Experience the future of fitness at Parkes Fitness 4 All with a full body scan in just 60 seconds using Evolt360 technology. Discover a fast, comprehensive way to learn about your body's needs and how to meet them.

Get Results Fast and Receive Your Personalized Fitness Award

Achieve your fitness goals quicker with Evolt360 at Parkes Fitness 4 All. Get fast results from your body scan and receive a personalized 'Fitness Achievement' award, a detailed report on your health and fitness baseline.

Learn About Your Body with Our Advanced Evolt360 Scans

Gain deep insights into your health with Evolt360 scans at Parkes Fitness 4 All. Learn about your body's composition, fitness levels, and what it truly needs to thrive. Empower your workout and nutrition choices with knowledge.

Download the Parkes Fitness 4 All App for Easy Access to Your Scan Results

Stay connected to your fitness journey with the Parkes Fitness 4 All App. Download now to access your Evolt360 scan results, track your progress, and receive personalized fitness tips directly on your smartphone.


Join Parkes Fitness 4 All for Your Free Evolt360 Scan upon Sign-Up

Become part of our fitness community and get a free Evolt360 body scan when you sign up at Parkes Fitness 4 All. Discover the perfect starting point for a fitness journey tailored to your body's unique needs.

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